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Tomorrowlands is populated with many interesting individuals. (NOTE: Read the disclaimer if you haven't already.)

This page will keep track of recurring characters.

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Tomorrowlands' Main Faces

California, 1975
Story Appearances:
"Learning Experiences"; "Scatterlings"; "Child of Summer"; "Griffin's Flight"

The dragon known only as Ash, the narrator of most of my Tomorrowlands stories, is an accomplished mage, and was indeed both practicing magic and aware of his draconity before The Changes hit. He had a minor firsthand role in helping Redwing organize The Meeting, but otherwise has talked very little about his experiences in the first years of the Changes, and holds to almost total silence when asked of his life beforehand.

After his life settles down about a year post-Changes, Ash wanders around America, generally flying from place to place but otherwise travelling in human form, stopping occasionally to lend out his services to those he finds deserving of his aid. He makes no secret of his race, and in fact goes by "Ash" even in human form, but prefers to bring up his draconity only when necessary, since the element of surprise has given him a life-saving edge in many fights.

Although he has traveled extensively, Ash hasn't picked up any real reputation; he avoids media attention, and often leaves before claiming any credit for his endeavours -- which is probably for the best, because his actions might occasionally earn legal scrutiny if they were made known.


California, 1978
Story Appearances:

Kenneth is a reluctant participant in the Tomorrowlands universe, who feared from the outset that if he succumbed to his urge to change into a therianthropic form, he wouldn't be able to change back.

He was right.

For now, Kenneth prefers to stay behind the scenes, only interfering with events when he feels it is absolutely necessary. He had been friends with Ash years before the Changes, but they had drifted apart up until The Meeting.

Dennis Redwing

Colorado, 1968
Story Appearances:
None (yet)

No therianthrope is talked about more than Redwing; no man in modern times has more legends and rumors built up around him. No man, perhaps, would be a more fitting target of speculation.

Redwing is, by virtue of his actions in the early days of The Changes, the therianthrope community's unofficial leader, and certainly its most respected member. He is one of the only therianthropes to be a published author, the first of his works being 1997's "We Walk Among You." He is an extremely recognizable media figure, having garnered more interviews than most movie stars. He is a mage, although most people forget this when dealing with him -- as three failed assassination attempts will attest.

Rumor has it that Redwing was, in fact, the dragon seen in the First Sighting. This is widely believed, and in fact the dragon seen in the video footage generally matches Redwing's coloration, but the man himself denies it strenuously. Rumor also has it that Redwing knows more than he's letting on about the purpose for The Changes, and its path in the future, although he says this is flat-out wrong. A few make the odd claim that he's not a dragon at all (to which he responds, "I'd tell, but that would be cheating"); or that he's Elvis, still alive and with a lot of plastic surgery under his belt ("I kind of doubt it. I hate donuts"); or that he's the subject of over 14 of Nostradamus' quatrains ("Probably. Who can tell?"). Redwing finds the rumor that he is actually several centuries old humorous, and once quipped, "Those damn fundamentalists keep getting it wrong. I'm not just 'a minion of evil.' I'm Satan himself."

In person, he lives up to his reputation as an engaging speaker, being generally outgoing and possessed of a sharp wit. Even after years of fighting the same battles, he speaks animatedly and passionately about his causes, and continually pulls strings behind the scenes for therianthropes and theri rights. He repeatedly emphasizes that the futures of therianthropy and humanity lie intertwined, though, and seems to spend just as much time trying to help other nonhumans come to terms with their "host species."

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