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"Ley Lines" are links to outside sites of interest. (The idea being that sites of high energy tend to have networks of energy transfer running around, interconnected, between them.)

Go peruse these other fine Web establishments when you've gotten your RDA of Tomorrowlands. I'll still be here when you come bax.


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Ley Lines is not just a "Links of Interest" page. It's a place to showcase other sites worthy of your extended perusal. Sites that I like, or sites that I've found useful, will appear on a personal links page (when I get around to putting one up).

antwon.com (A/C)
Kind words: Highly cerebral, deadpan funny; incredible content for a one-man operation.
Caveats: Watch out for Oralse links and Twonsoft plugs.
The scoop: This man has been posting daily, without fail, since before some bloggers had even heard of the Web. A real role model.

The Fifth Wheel (webjournal)
Kind words: Relevant, deeply personal, delightful prose.
Caveats: Nothin' but journal.
The scoop: Rene writes about her experiences with a candor I wish I could match, and doesn't get mired down in angst. A very well-realized example of the "online journal" genre.

Overclocked Remix (music archive)
Kind words: Outstanding, varied musical talent. The site's redesign has made it much easier to navigate.
Caveats: Overclocked ReMix's growing popularity has led to download restrictions.
The scoop: Anyone who grew up in the Nintendo era will go wild for the fantastic MP3s available for free here. They make up 2/3 of my "greatest hits" playlist.

Drakenfluegel (draconity, art, stories)
Kind words: Stunning artist, incisive writer.
Caveats: High-bandwidth (although less so than previously). Plays to a very specific audience.
The scoop: The main difference between Kaijima and I seems to be my inability to find anything to really specialize in. Drakenfluegel is Tomorrowlands with a double RDA of Dragon.

Disturbing Search Requests (webmaster humor)
Kind words: Abso-friggin'-lutely hilarious.
Caveats: It is, as the title suggests, disturbing. Sometimes reads like one huge in-joke.
The scoop: Read through a few days' worth of posts at least once in your life to get a good idea for just how clueless the average Web surfer is.

It's Bax! (proto-Tomorrowlands)
Kind words: Thought-provoking, multifaceted, essential dragon reading.
Caveats: No longer updated; showing its age.
The scoop: If you hit a broken link while exploring Tomorrowlands, chances are good the missing content is here. (It's my old site, after all.)


Absurd Notions
Kind words: Well-drawn, funny, and highbrow: the webcomic triple crown. Occasional gaming humor rivals even "KODT."
Caveats: Sometimes updates as erratically as I do.
The scoop: The world needs more absurd notions. Buy a "Pythagoras' Pizza Palace" T-shirt.

8-bit Theater
Kind words: Brilliantly executed parody of the original "Final Fantasy." The art shines despite its atmospheric pixelation.
Caveats: I haven't been able to access the site's server since March 2002 (though nobody else seems to have this problem). Beware of FF and gaming in-jokes.
The scoop: Urge ... to read ... rising.

Kind words: Currently, the only daily strip I follow. A fulfilling blend of humor, drama, and philosophy.
Caveats: There is no substitute for reading through the entire archives; the strip is almost soap-operatic in its detail by now.
The scoop: Self-referential art at its finest -- especially when the characters aware they're cartoons and the ones who aren't aware mingle.

Return to Sender
Kind words: Clean, sharp two-tone artwork is a treat for the eyes. Occasionally laugh-out-loud funny.
Caveats: New strips come slowly, once a week or less.
The scoop: Did I mention that the main character, Often, is a copy editor? *heart*

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