May 23, 2004


Working out the site kinks

Two quick comments on the site fixes I've been beating my head against ...:

(1) The crappy browser compatibility issues. Namely, this page rendering like crap in IE, being too wide for the screen no matter how you resize it, etc. I think I've found a fix. I'll get some testing going over my (one-day) weekend, I hope I hope, and try to roll it out over the next few days, so nobody has to put up with the aggravating "won't fit in the window" crap any more. (As a side benefit, this should also allow me to fix the icon/colorbar spacing.)

(2) There seems to be a strange hiccup in Movable Type where some older entries aren't showing up on the main page any more. (They're still in the archives.) I'm looking into it, but ultimately it shouldn't have too significant of an effect on Tlands (as long as newer entries don't start disappearing too).

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