May 02, 2004


Welcome to Tomorrowlands' new look

Thanks to a switch from my old, home-brewed journal system to the joy that is Movable Type, Tomorrowlands is getting a serious overhaul and redesign.

Already I like what I see, and I've got a vision for the site that involves categorizing journal entries and labelling them accordingly. (You'll be able to browse the archives by category, as well.) "Tomorrowlands News" will become just another category of entry and be streamlined into the journal entries. The site front will also expand to hold a number of the most recent entries, instead of just the newest news and newest journal entry.

Permalinks to old journal entries will still work, although I may at some point be importing the old entries to MT (which includes search functions and better formatting options). You can still search the archives manually by going to

Plenty more to come. Right now, I'm knee-deep in CSS. (Movable Type itself was a joy to set up; the site redesign, well ...)

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