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ALL I CAN GIVE  [Offertory]
By Sheen

I wanted to promise you I would shape the world for you
Make each moment magical and filled with waking dreams
But now I look outside my door and dragons walk the street
I don't have myths to offer you
All I can give is me

I wanted to promise you I'd help make your wishes true
Walk with you along your path to be who you should be
But now I hear you asking if the wind will hold your feet
I don't have wings to offer you
All I can give is me

For years and years I searched to find a gift to prove my love
I found it at last but I wasn't the first
I quested for your golden dreams in hopes they'd be enough
Now gold is so cheap that I have only dirt

I wanted to promise you I would change myself for you
Become any person that you wanted me to be
But now I check my mirror and I don't know what I see
I don't have change to offer you
All I can give is me


I wish I had promises that were worth a thing to you
But any gift my soul could buy, the world gave you for free
So now I must admit that I have nothing that you need
All I can give is me


(From "Music In Brief," Soft White Underbelly, Vol. 1, Iss. 1)

Walk into the Marvel casino on the strip in Las Vegas. Thread your way through the slots and gift shops to the Starlight Lounge. Find a seat -- if you can. Make sure you don't need to go to the bathroom; her performance is so spellbinding that getting up in the middle is unthinkable.

Every rumor you've heard about Sheen's concerts is true. (Except the one about, uhm, private "encores" for big spenders. The former Isabelle Corey may have famously worked as an exotic dancer before her big break, but she's also a level-headed single mother who tries to keep her stage life separate from her personal life.) And if you haven't heard the rumors, let me be the first to assure you that you're in for a treat. Unearthly voice; unforgettable presence; irresistible allure. The feline theri moves with a grace like she was born in the form. She embodies cat, and the audience is her mouse.

But enough stumbling around the ineffable: How's her music? On one paw, it doesn't matter -- she could sing "99 Bottle of Beer on the Wall" and it would still be a command performance. On the other paw, expect pleasant lounge music with a folk-pop sensibility. With piano, brass, and percussion played highly competently, her band is mostly unobtrusive -- the main exception I heard being a spirited cover of Elton John's "Honky Cat" that got the room dancing. The songs are a mix of covers and originals; Sheen's lyrics are solid if unexceptional (but expect greater things of her, if the relatively recent "Offertory" is any indication).

The verdict: Keep an eye on this rising star -- and definitely brave the lines for her performances (on the hour from 5 p.m.-midnight Thursday-Sunday). The fact that they're still free is a testament to Marvel's brilliance at marketing; the casino's hottest act is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

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