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NEWS IN BRIEF - March 18, 1997

        NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Police officials remain baffled by the deaths
of 13 unidentified individuals in the bayous east of New Orleans.
	Chalmette resident Cathy Bates contacted the police department
Wednesday night, reporting strange sounds and screams originating from the
nearby marshes.  Apparently involved in a religious rite Satanic in
nature, the victims were discovered five miles east of Chalmette,
massively scarred and disfigured beyond recognition. 
	Forensic scientists have yet to identify the remains, and no
missing persons reports have been filed coinciding with the incident.  
Although their injuries appeared consistent with an attack by a large
beast, police officials state that no suspects, therianthrope or
otherwise, have been named.
	"The best leads we have are a number of ... religious objects
recovered from the site," says St. Bernard County Sheriff Henry Douglas.
"[The objects] are crude, but do portray distinct designs, the two most
common of which involve pentagrams clearly Satanic in origin, and a branch
design we can't identify.. We've also uncovered a number of folded paper
scraps in the victims' hands; they appear to come from a book written in a
language noone can place.  We've requested assistance from the University
of New Orleans in identifying these writings."
	Officers are also investigating a link between the incident and
the anniversary of the death of Howard Philips Lovecraft, horror author of
the 1920s and 30s.
	Bates, however, says that "I don't think they'll figure this out.
I don't think they should.  There's some things we weren't meant to know."

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