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What's the fun in a website if you can't go off on a tangent once in a while? Below is a small collection of some of mine.

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Some fun, offbeat, and just plain weird stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
  • It is said that there are three kinds of untruths: Lies, damn lies, and pseudo-scientific studies about the health claims of beverages. See how "Sobe Power" compares to other ... err ... fruit drinks!
  • Ever wondered how you would do in the typical AD&D dungeon crawl? Take the test! (text-only)
  • Special guest Ray Orrock talks -- from one human's perspective -- about dragons, in a newspaper column I got permission to reprint.
  • For Douglas Adams fans: A page on forty-two.
  • My first general home page, aka Dragonslair, from way back in 1996. A real piece of history.
  • For Macintosh gamers: Ever played Dirt Bike? Ever hacked it?
  • The memorial page for my deceased Blinky Text shrine.
    • The shrine referred to. But it's dead, trust me.
  • My llama page.
  • A totally fictitious expansion set for Magic (the Blathering). Now updated with 9 new cards! (10-9-2K)
  • Get upset when the Pentagon pays $700 for a toilet seat? Check out what might possibly be the world's biggest military boondoggle ever, in The Price of Vengeance.
  • You always go back to the classics -- such as the adventure game Rogue. Then the classics frustrate you, and you hack them.
  • Speaking of clever hacks, I documented a weird game feature in the Playstation 2 game "Shadow Hearts" that lets you MAKE MONEY FAST! (In the game, not real life.) Give the Money Trick a spin. (text-only)
  • A little bit of time-travelling gives a glimpse into the future of the October 2003 California recall election. [Includes PDF document; Acrobat Reader required]
  • Read an epic, thrilling tale of survival in the urban jungle of The Office, in the lavishly illustrated true-life story forever to be known only as ... The Battle of Rat Corner.
  • Does good science make good music? Who knows -- but sing Semi-Unified Science a few times, and you'll never look at the Grand Unified Theory or one-hit wonder Third Eye Blind in quite the same way again.

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