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I don't always put pen to paper in pursuit of the written word.

Take a look at the more visual products of my creativity.

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I am by no means a prolific nor professional artist, but with the number of years I've been around, I have drawn enough to produce a small body of dragon and furry art that doesn't make people scream and flee in terror.

I've put the best of these up at my DeviantArt account, with annotations. Future artwork will probably continue to be uploaded there.


Chibi Jesus. Don't ask. Just click.


Don't laugh; it's a medium with a lot of possibility.

Of course, there's not too much of that possibility that you can realize with a 24-hour deadline. "Shadows" was my September 2001 attempt at producing a 24-page, one-day comic -- and to find out why I attempted such an insane task, you'll have to read it.

I have also drawn a serial comic called "Furry the Hamster," among other, lesser works; and hope to post some more of my material here when I scan it in the future.

In case you're noticing a trend by now ... you're right; this section is little more than a placeholder. ]B=8)

My Afternoon: A Dramatization

I also draw the World's Most Irregularly Updated Webcomic. Published on no set schedule but guaranteed to keep updating when you least expect it, it's a (VERY) loose adaptation of my life into a four-panel medium.

As of its most recent strip (2009-07-10), its MTBU (Mean Time Between Updates) is 484 days. Updates have occurred at a minimum of 33 days and a maximum of 1,329 days; the standard deviation is an astounding 518 days, longer than most webcomics survive!

MAAD has been drawn with the same Wacom Graphire tablet since its inception.

For easy reference, here's a list of the strips (which have faithfully followed my journal as it has migrated from Tomorrowlands to LJ):

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