Elements: Official Card Game Rules

In the first card game designed by mages and for mages, 3-7 players battle it out in a mad scramble for matching cards. Fast-paced simultaneous play, a continuous free-for-all in the center of the table, "islands" of defended cards that can be upended by "whirlwinds," and the meta-game of spellcraft make this a game of deep strategy, quick wits and unexpected twists!

One standard 52-card deck of playing cards, no jokers. We cannot in good conscience recommend a Tarot deck's minor arcana for this game.

Get four of a single type of card in your Flame. First player to do so wins the round. "Card type" refers to the card's number; suit has no effect on the game.

3 to 7 mages.

The Elements

Hand Rules


Magic Rules
Rule Violations


Adaptation for Non-Mages
This card game was designed specifically for people with the skill to push a deck of cards far beyond its ordinary limits. However, a simplified version can be played that gives a partial flavor of the original:

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